Inside Ritika


How it all came together

Ritika was born out of beauty in 2008. Years ago the creator of this brand met a charming and confident woman named Ritika. Their lives only collided once and yet she was utterly striking. Her bold presence and the way she walked made heads turn. She was dynamic and always on the move. Captivating conversation and diverse interests made her shine. She embodied the modern, cosmopolitan woman who knew exactly what she wanted and had a burning passion for life. This chance meeting left a lasting impression on Ritika’s founder. And this was the spark that transformed the name of a woman into a leading fashion brand. She became his muse. He felt driven to launch a brand made exclusively for women like Ritika. Women who were going places in life and wanted to look their best while enjoying liberating comfort. Women who have the power to fascinate. Today Ritika is designed especially for women who stand out in their own unique way, like Ritika.

About Us

The Brand

Ritika is a leading shoes and bags fashion brand for women designed in Spain. Ritika is like the butterfly which symbolises the soul, love and rebirth in many cultures. The brand is never the same and yet is always recognisably iconic. Ritika reinvents itself each season, transforming with the latest trends while maintaining a timeless essence and signature stylish confidence. Comfort, fashion, affordability, and a passion for quality seamlessly merge to make Ritika a favourite for fashionistas who like to look outstanding each and every day. Conceived for today’s stylish women on the move, the brand brings practical chic to you each and every season. Ritika is an experience with a distinctive spirit. From the eye-catching designs to the vibrant colours, quality finishing, and elegant packaging, every detail is truly exceptional.